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To install Donnie Baseball to his rightful place in Cooperstown.  
The Case for Donnie Baseball
We at inductdonnie.com can't think of anyone who better meets the  criteria.  The eye black
and mustache alone are irrevocable contributions the hitman has made to baseball.  Don
Mattingly's name can be mentioned with many players who have recently been elected into
the Hall of Fame.  With all due respect for these great ball players, Don Mattingly's statistics
are comparable.  For many fans, Don Mattingly was the very best offensive player in the late
1980s.  In 1984, Don beat out Steve Balboni to become the Yankees everyday first baseman,
and went on to win the batting title.  He won the MVP in 1985, and if it weren't for the Rocket in
1986-Donnie would have two.  Donnie, along with Travis Hafner, hold the record for most
grand slams in a season (6), and the most consecutive games with a homerun (8).  Donnie
was a six-time all star at a very competitive position.  Not to be overlooked is his defensive
prowess, accumulating 9 Gold Glove Awards in 13 seasons.  
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                         Seasons                Batting Avg.                 Hits        Doubles        HR        RBI        Fielding Pct.     Gold Gloves
Don Mattingly                   13                            .307                       2153           442            222       1099           .996                       9
Kirby Puckett                    12                            .318                       2304           414            207       1085           .989                       6
Orlando Cepeda             17                            .297                       2351           417            379       1365           .990                       0
Tony Perez                       23                            .279                       2732           505            379       1652            .992                       0
Bill Mazeroski                  17                            .260                       2016           294            138        853              .983                      8
Ozzie Smith                      19                            .262                       2460           402             28         793              .978                     13
Donnie Baseball vs. Present Day HOFers
"Voting shall be based upon the player's record, playing
ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and
contributions to the team(s) on which the player played. "

Criteria for entry into the HOF
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